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Willba Release v2023.05.23

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

New features ๐ŸŽ‰

Sales search

Search by exact sales number always returns the matching sales not depending on other filters in the list. This helps the usage in situations where trying to find for example closed sales and by default the list shows only open and confirmed ones.

Nets payment terminal integration

Willba became an official Nets partner. Nets payment terminals can be smoothly integrated into the Willba invoice payment process. In Willba, the payment terminal is selected once, and after that the added payment requests appears on the Nets terminal to be paid. When the payment is either paid or canceled, Willba's information is updated in real time.

Integration supports both payments and returns (negative amount).

Sales tasks of the day visible into listings

Spaces and resources listing supports better the whole operational work planning. You can see all the interested resource reservations as well as the tasks assigned to you, not depending on where the task is linked to with this single view. The holistic picture helps managing the internal work to be done.

Possibility to hide product catalogs

You can now mark whole catalog as inactive to hide all the products from the Willba search views. This flexibility improves the workflows with your product registry management and pricing.

Bugfixes ๐Ÿ›

Remove empty meal rows

Sales Meals-tab keeps clean while Willba handles the removal of emptied meal rows automatically. The program document also shows then only a rows where the actual meals exists.

Webshop navigation

Webshop navigation is functioning with single-clicks. Before it required double-clicks to progress forward.

Lobby display state refresh

Lobby display properly updates the active reservations along the time is flowing.

Sales copy

Difficulties are fixed from event and enrolment copy flows. The copy works smoothly in different situations.

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