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Willba automates daily work by combining the key operations in one software. Flexibility is important to fit in many use cases in different hospitality businesses. All the features are built to fulfill the needs  of the user.

Willba main application for sport centers and hotels


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More sales, less hassle in Willba application
More sales, less hassle

Built around the customer process, Willba is the tool to boost sales. Visibility to intuitive booking calendars and simple reservations make salespeople’s work more convenient and improves the service.

Web shop enables selling rooms, activities, and events quickly and directly to the customers. Payments run automatically through the system.

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Streamlined workflow in Willba application
Streamlined workflow

The target is to keep automation in the level that makes sense. During sales, related tasks for housekeeping, restaurant etc. Created & forwarded automatically. Invoicing is done directly based on reservations & the data flows to an integrated accounting software.

Check-in and check-out are made simple, and the focus is on customer service. Front desk has always up to date information about guests and the reception is flowing.

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View to business in Willba application
View to business

Business intelligence tools give overview to business and help improve it in practice. External reporting is also made easy.

Reports to Tilastokeskus and VST are automatically generated based on realized reservations. Accounting is straightforward through an integrated accounting system.





Removing the disconnections has always been our target. With integrations, you can add external software to the workflow without compromising the usability. Here are examples of our current integrations: 

  • Visma Wintime

  • Viva Wallet

  • Paytrail

  • Solteq Commerce Cloud

  • Pipedrive

Updates Willba



With subscription, you always have the latest version of the software in use. On top of that, we are flexible and want to give you the best experience. We can agree on developing custom features according to your needs.

We believe in continuous improvement and focus on technical longevity and upgradability of the system. That way we can keep adding new features and use the latest technologies available.

Free consultation about Willba application(application for sport center, application for hotels)

Free consultation

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