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Willba: A Complete Property Management Solution

Willba is a property management and resource planning system as a cloud-based service. It automates daily work by combining the key operations in one software.

Our Goal

Bringing hotel digitalization to the next level

When the business grows and consists of more than accommodation, traditional hotel software starts to reach its limits. Systems not working together in hospitality business cost in the long term as lost revenue and additional work.

Different parts of the business need to work together. Willba is designed for versatile hospitality businesses using separate systems would bring unnecessary complexity. Instead one core is enough and integrations to external software create a seamless and functional entity.

Do more with Willba

Save Time

Willba's property management and resource planning system automates daily operations, saving time for hospitality businesses. The integration of key operations in one software eliminates the need for manual data entry and multiple systems, streamlining the workflow and freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks.

Willba Accommodation availability

Why us

We provide full support from the first moment to make sure that your needs are fulfilled. We are happy to demonstrate the capabilities and plan together what would be the most beneficial. Onboarding of the new system needs to be smooth.

We are here to help you and empower your success!

How to Get it


​Introduction & Demo

Introduction & Demo


Scanning & Planning

Scanning & Planning








Support of Use

Support of Use

Willba Customers


The new enterprise resource planning system meets the long-term need for streamlining the service both in the booking phase and on site in Kisakallio. Based on the customer survey we conducted last fall, quick access to the program is the most important thing for our customers at the sports facilities. With the new and modern system, we can further develop both restaurant and accommodation services as well as sports and exercise services with the help of new digital services connected to Willba.

Irina Keinänen
CDO Kisakallio

Kisakalio - Willba
Pajulahti - Willba


Something Great Together

With Willba's all-in-one solution and expert support, we can help you take your hospitality business to the next level. Get in touch to schedule a customized demo and start working towards your success story.

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A cloud-based all-in-one property management and resource planning system

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