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The Accommodation Booking feature offers a streamlined approach to managing your hotel's rooms. It combines room inventory management, capacity, and categorization in a user-friendly interface. Efficiently align guest preferences with available rooms, providing staff with a clear overview of reservation and personalized allocation process.

Our goal is to ensure the booking process is simple and efficient, enhancing the experience for both guests and staff.

Room management

Resource and equipment

Management and booking of resources

  • Sales of rental and service products (e.g. rooms, kanoes, massage)

  • Group bookings (court, tennis racket and instructor together)

  • Management of capacity

  • Resource calendars 

  • Tasks related to bookings and list for restaurant 


Streamlining staff coordination and operational management


  • Task Assignment: Directly connect tasks with specific services or products for streamlined execution.

  • Dynamic Tasks: Automatically generate tasks and reminders for optimal efficiency.

  • Worklist Organization: Compile tasks into organized worklists for each department, tailored for daily, week, month or specific time periods.

  • Housekeeping Management: Offers real-time room status updates, enabling efficient scheduling of cleanings based on guest arrivals and departures, alongside prioritizing tasks effectively.

  • Restaurant Coordination: Provides detailed information on upcoming guests, including their specific needs, allergies, and preferences for made-to-order service, ensuring the restaurant staff is well-prepared to deliver personalized dining experiences.


Tasks is specifically designed to streamline service delivery and operational processes, ensuring a smooth hotel operation and an enhanced guest experience.

Resource management
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