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Willba Release v2023.03.01

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

New Features 🎉

Sales automated actions

Sales can be deleted, closed or canceled or zero receipts can be printed automatically with given conditions. Filters are defined for the function, according to which the sales are picked for processing. In practice, there are many extraction conditions and the correct use of these settings is only the responsibility of the admin users of your company.

Draft payment update and delete

During the payment phase of the invoice, payment transactions can be entered into it. These manually added transactions can be deleted or edited until you approve the invoice. In this way, accidentally incorrectly input transactions can be corrected before the invoice is approved. Payments made through the system or integration cannot be edited or deleted.

In the Pay function, there is a red check mark after each payment from which you can delete the payment.

The other payment line can be opened for editing or deletion by clicking on it from the invoice payment details.

Sales participants

New filtering functions have been added to the participant list.

  • Search by age category

  • Search by gender

  • Search by accommodation target

Each filter contains search for those participants who are missing that field or information. For example, the age category missing filter finds all participants for whom no age category has been entered.

An age category breakdown has been added to the participant list behind the participants icon.

In addition, the page change of the participant list has been fixed to work in all situations.

Room displays

Separate space reservation screens now fully support resource reservations for shared spaces or properties.

Meal management

Adding meals manually is possible for sales even if the meals tab is initially empty.

Spaces and resources listing

An optional repeat function has been added to the display of reservation groups, which facilitates the readability of, for example, instructors' listings. The reservation group is repeated for each instructor if several instructors are booked in the same group. So now, the bookings of an individual instructor can be found with this setting.

Document templates

Possibility to use the producer organisation defined for sales instead of the common brand name in the footer of the document.

Bug Fixes 🐛

Event program PDF

Meals are shown grouped in the program list of the event. Previously, the meals from each enrolment were visible in their own rows, so the output grew unnecessarily massive.

Spaces and resources listing

The problem with the empty first page of the listing printout has been fixed. When there were more reservations than could fit on one page, previously the first page was empty.

Event enrolments tab

The components of the list have a fixed width, which improves readability and usability. Previously, the space for registration was of varying size.

Technological Improvements 🚀

The search for resource reservations has been enhanced at the database level. This especially affects the speed and efficiency of checking duplicate bookings.

At the database level, there is a unified way to delete things. The data is deleted using the soft-delete style so that the data remains in the database for investigations. In addition, a time stamp of when the deletion took place is recorded.

Strapi changes are immediately visible in Willba. If changes are made to Strap, they are immediately available to everyone without waiting.



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