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Willba v2023.09.13

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Rolled out to production in 13.9.2023

Bug fixes 🐛

Validating customer information in web shop

Manditory customer fields are required in the web shop before the customer can pay the reservation.

Sales search by the customer name

Search function is fixed to be more accurate. If the input is first and last name, it returns all the sales that have a participant with those names or parts of a name. The order or capitalization of the search terms don't.


Sale 1 participants

  • Maija Mallikas

  • Elli Esimerkki

Sale 2 participants

  • Maija Möttönen

Search 1

  • Search: maija

  • Returns: Sales 1 and Sales 2

Search 2

  • Search: möttönen Maija

  • Returns: Sales 2

Search 3

  • Search: maija mött

  • Returns: Sales 2

Opening attachments in the sale

An issue was found related to opening attachments with new sign in. It is now fixed, and all attachments can be opened and downloaded as normally.

Excel printout about event participant

A tech related issue found in printout has been fixed. As intended, now participants are printed just once in a downloaded file.

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