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Willba v2023.09.04

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Rolled out to production on Wed 6.9.2023

New version of order flow

The layout of order has changed. Now the statuses of advances, invoices or refunds in the order are more clearly visible. At the same time, many new features have been introduced.

Partial refunds and cancellations have been made easy to use. Different service fees have been enabled.

The instructions to new order flow can be found in documentation. Go ahead and check it out!

Updated Sign In

You will now log in to Willba on new Sign In page. The account of the organization is used. No passwords are needed if you have already signed in in the browser.

The user signed in is visible in up right corner. Sign Out can be also found there.

Newly created sales are assigned to the user by default. You can re-assign the sale by pressing the assignee field and choosing another user as a new assignee.

VST document

In VST management a new functionality has been added to assist creating the mandatory documents. With correct Strapi settings, in the VST summary of a sale there is "Open Document" function. It opens a printable PDF.

As the document is downloaded or printed, information about the action is saved in Willba. If it has already been downloaded, that is visible in VST summary and in the preview.

Strapi has now customer-specific additional settings that allow you to define how VST participants are displayed (grouped or separated), what the output title is, and whether the document includes a signature section. If the signature function is activated, you can select one participant as the document signer in the VST summary.

Displaying Errors

Users will see a more detailed error message explaining why a certain function was unavailable. For example, if you try to assign a room to a participant on different dates than the visit was sold for in the participant list, the following error message will appear in the top right corner of the page.

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