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Willba Release v2023.3.29

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

New Features ๐ŸŽ‰

Custom Information Text on Reservation Screens

Reservation screens now allow users to write custom information text for visitors. This feature can be activated in Strapi, adding a new field for information on the main application side.

Custom Information Text on Room Screens
Custom Information Text on Room Screens

Lobby Screens with Shared Resources

Lobby screens can now display reservations for shared spaces. Users can choose to display both the main resource and shared parts, or just one of them. Visual improvements have also been made to enhance readability.

Improved Incoming List

Many user-friendly changes have been made to the reception's incoming list:

  • Participant packages and prices are clearly displayed under the correct date if a participant has more than one accommodation package.

  • The list can show all incoming sales or just incoming participants and rooms.

  • An alert has been added to the event room view if there are more participants than beds.

  • Displayed fields have been standardized and their size adjusted for better usability.

  • Total incoming information has been added.

External Links in Main Navigation

Willba now allows users to embed external links that open as independent pages. Previously, it was only possible to embed a link within the app as a report view, for example.

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿ›

Event Registrations

List scaling has been improved for registrations with multiple participants.

When creating a new registration, possible participant groups are always copied from the event to the registration, making it easier to input data for individual registrations.

Resource Editing

Editing Strapi resources now works without issues. Previously, the old name remained in the calendar in certain situations. Cache handling has been fixed, so this problem no longer occurs.

Technological Improvements ๐Ÿš€

Removing Empty Online Sales

The removal of empty online sales has been replaced entirely by Sales Automation functions defined by main users in Strapi.

Validation errors handling

A foundational solution for handling validation errors has been implemented, allowing for easy further development in error-specific processing. More on this in practice in upcoming versions!



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